Edited the About page

[image title="Stall" size="full" id="337" align="left" alt="A picture of my stall" linkto="full" ]I’ve edited the About page on the website and included a new section giving the day and time of my Stall at St Georges Market in Belfast. http://www.edward-wilson.co.uk/content/8-about I’ve also worked out how to put text beside a picture in my blog!

New products & display

I have new products and display at my stall in St George’s Market, Belfast. I had problems with some people not finding me last week. I’m located at the East Bridge Street side beside a clothes stall and a painter.

New Prices & Products

From 11th July 2010 at my stall in St Georges Market, Belfast, I will be trying out new prices for my professionally framed prints in order to increase sales. I will also be adding new cheaper product options if they arrive today (10th), failing that the following Sunday (18th). These include two types of mounted …