New photo galleries

I have added three new galleries to the site. They include Abstract, Architecture and Graphic Art. Its all a part of making the site easier to use and help people find the types of photos they are looking for. Its also a sign of the new areas of Photography that I want to explore further.


[image title="Website screen shot - Abstract" size="full" id="255" align="none" linkto="full" ]

At the moment the Abstract gallery consists of images from Over Haddon in England.


[image title="Website Screen Shot - Architecture" size="full" id="264" align="none" linkto="full" ]

To launch the new Architecture section I have uploaded new photos, which were taken in Belfast City centre.

Graphic Art:

[image title="Website Screen Shot - Graphic Art" size="full" id="268" align="none" linkto="full" ]

The graphic art section is a little empty at the moment but will be added to in the coming weeks.

If you have any ideas or suggestions about photographic genres please let me know. I like to hear what people think.

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