Plans for September

As you may have heard from my Twitter account I’m heading to Derbyshire in England this September. A favourite location of mine for Photographic escapades. I want to visit Matlock; a very scenic town with the River Derwent√ā¬†running through it.

I am hoping to get a long exposure shot at night. The town has many festive lights that come on at night and a busy road that will give many opportunities for car & motorcycle light trails. The reason I mentioned motorcycles is because it is very popular with this type of road user. Hundreds of bikers ride through the town and stop off at the amenities on offer. They seem very good-natured, haven’t been attacked yet!

I’m thinking about investing in some nice filters for my camera. It will give me a longer exposure time without flooding my images, plus it will also give me that Top Gear (BBC Motoring show) feel that will fit in with the motoring fraternity. The photography on that show is second to none. Some nice red and blue Hoya filters would fit in nicely.

It appears from my comments above that I have decided to photograph the motorcyclists and market the photo set at them. Might even approach some bikers when I’m down there and try and stage a photo using one of their bikes. I could even send them a free print, that’s how kind I am…

Well I think that’s about enough for now. Will keep you posted on any other thoughts I have over the next few months.

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