New blog design

Just launched a new blog theme. It’s more in keeping with the main e-commerce site so I hope it’s easier on the eye. All the links to the blog sections have moved from the top of the page to the bottom. There are also links on the right hand side, so you can still get …

New advertising campaign’s for September

As of today I have launched two advertising campaign’s, one on Facebook promoting my photography page and the other on Google promoting the main site. Hoping they will bring more visitors to the website and therefor allow me to devote more time to the site so I can then upload more galleries and other content.

New prices & A3 Mounts

From 22nd August 2010 at my stall in St Georges Market, Belfast, the prices for my professionally mounted prints & frames will be reduced. The 5mm foam-board which was £35 will now be £30. The A3 mounts were £40 but will now be £30. The panoramic prints will be £40 from the previous £50. The …

Edited the About page

[image title="Stall" size="full" id="337" align="left" alt="A picture of my stall" linkto="full" ]I’ve edited the About page on the website and included a new section giving the day and time of my Stall at St Georges Market in Belfast. I’ve also worked out how to put text beside a picture in my blog!

New products & display

I have new products and display at my stall in St George’s Market, Belfast. I had problems with some people not finding me last week. I’m located at the East Bridge Street side beside a clothes stall and a painter.

New Prices & Products

From 11th July 2010 at my stall in St Georges Market, Belfast, I will be trying out new prices for my professionally framed prints in order to increase sales. I will also be adding new cheaper product options if they arrive today (10th), failing that the following Sunday (18th). These include two types of mounted …

Happy New Year!

I hope this year has treated you well. This has basically been the businesses first year and what a year it was. From a slow start to prints being presented to HRH The Prince of Wales in the Summer. I very much enjoyed taking Edward Wilson Photography to the people with my stalls. If you …

Happy Christmas!

I would just like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. Hope you all have a great time with your friends and family and you get all the presents you want. And don’t forget, try not to throttle any family members until at least Boxing Day!